Legal Aspects of Contract Negotiation for Managers

Legal Aspects of Contract Negotiation for Managers

Business managers have to occasionally negotiate commercial contracts on behalf of their organizations, be it with suppliers, resellers or customers. Whilst education and experience would lead these managers to seek the best terms for their companies, they must be aware of certain key aspects of contract negotiation from a legal standpoint.

Certainly, in-house counsel or external law firms will provide their views of the contract documents. However, it must be noted that these lawyers cannot be present in every contract negotiation meeting. Not having a basic understanding of the legalities of contracts can undermine the commercial manager’s negotiating position. 

Course outline:

  • Lectures on the fundamentals of contract law
  • Concepts will include:
  • Permissible and non-permissible clauses
  • The constitution of force majeure 
  • Tort inclusions in contracts
  • Variations beyond standard contract templates
  • Sample templates such as one’s contracts with suppliers, distributors and customers will be examined
  • Participants can bring a contract document for discussion with the trainer and fellow participants

Samuel Yuen LLB (Hons) (NUS) will conduct the course.

After attending the course, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate the key structure of a contract from a legal standpoint
  • Discuss contract terms with greater confidence
  • Negotiate for better terms based on the fundamental knowledge of contract law

Course Fee: S$288 per participant

9 May 2017, Tuesday

930am to 1230pm (Coffee provided)

Venue: NUSS Suntec City Guild House, Tower 5, #02-401

This course is meant for:

Commercial staff such as sales and business development managers who frequently negotiate with customers

Division managers who wish to expand their professional knowledge

Contract and procurement managers who require a strong grounding in contract law

Senior management who wish to be intimately familiar with the legal parlance and concepts in contracts used by their counsel