Conceptualize and Execute a Strategic Marketing Plan

Conceptualize and Execute a Strategic Marketing Plan

In an increasingly competitive economy, it bodes well that experienced managers understand the fundamentals of a strategic marketing plan. Some executives have gone up the ranks through deep experiences, whilst others may have been trained formally in a field other than marketing.

This full day course provides a strong underpinning on the key tenets of marketing. It allows the participant to draw up a foundational marketing strategy, regardless of whether their company provides products or services in any field.

Course outline:

  • Lectures on academic theory around marketing principles
  • Concepts will include:
  • Positioning theories
  • Service dominant logic (applicable also to businesses which sell products)
  • Concepts of segmenting a market beyond mere demographics
  • True value proposition creation
  • Participants will have to outline their current business approaches and be subject to scrutiny by the trainer and fellow attendees
  • An improved version of the participant’s marketing strategy will be created

Dr Thum Weng-Ho will conduct the course

After attending the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the key principles to better position their business
  • Appreciate the significance of a strong value proposition
  • Combine and permutate the marketing tools in order to sell more than just a product or service

Course Fee: S$498 per participant

26 May 2017, Friday

930am to 430pm (Lunch and coffee provided)

Venue: NUSS Suntec City Guild House, Tower 5, #02-401

This course is meant for:

Executives and managers with a surface understanding of marketing and wish to learn how strategy and marketing are inextricably connected

Senior management who wish to have a refresher course on the basics of marketing strategy, informed by academic rigor

Sales directors who need to link their sales strategy with marketing principles

Business development managers who plan mid to long term strategy