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The key consultants at Redshift all possess doctoral qualifications. This is consistent with our core belief that advanced academic qualifications provide an edge to our clients, thus allowing them to reach into the deepest levels of knowledge for industrial application.

The Associate Consultants either have Master qualifications or are subject matter experts in their own right. All projects are supervised by either the Principal or Senior Consultants and they will be responsible for tying together the work of all relevant team members.

Dr Thum Weng-Ho

Weng has worked for large US multi-nationals such as Intel and Cisco Systems for close to two decades. He was the Managing Director of a public listed American telecommunications firm and has since moved to marketing consultancy and research. His PhD thesis was centred on Service Dominant Logic; he combines it with the analytical rigour from the concepts from his first degree in electrical engineering for application to industry. Weng is a sci-fi and comparative religion buff and believes that Asimov’s Foundation will eventually exist.

Dr Charles Ong

Charles’ area of specialization is in management systems and organizational leadership, and has more than 10 years experience with companies and their management teams in areas such as organizational structure and business process improvement planning. Charles’ PhD in Business and Management has a focus on the mathematical framework of structural equation modeling as a means of analyzing business data. To unwind, Charles cooks and restricts himself to barbequing carrots, cucumbers and kumquats to avoid the wrath of animal rights activists.

Dr Madeleine Cheah

Madeleine brings to the team expertise on the legal implications of marketing, especially pertinent in a globalized economy. She is a lawyer by training and after completing her Masters in law, decided to embark on a doctorate in business. Madeleine also has a qualification from Harvard University, with a focus on sustainability and the environment. For leisure, Madeleine reads and travels the world. Besides that, she enjoys outdoor activities like gliding and horse riding.

Dr Danny Oh

Danny is a seasoned professional with interests especially in the behavioral intentions and reasoned actions in individuals. He is also a arbitrator with the Industrial Arbitration Court. Danny has spent more than 20 years in senior management and has his PhD in Business and Management with a focus on quantitative analysis and statistical models. Danny enjoys a good meal with wine, if not busy doing pottery, cycling and playing golf. He once tried doing all those simultaneously with disastrous consequences.

Professor Susanto Rahardja

Susanto is currently a Chair professor in a university, and specializes in data analytics, which includes multi-media platforms. With degrees up to his PhD in electrical engineering, Susanto brings to Redshift a strong bent in the analysis of large data sets. Susanto practices Vipassana meditation, with the sole aim of astral travel, without the use of hallucinogens.

Dr Wilson Loh

Wilson is a services process professional with many years of experience in American multi-national firms. His specialization is in value added process oriented activities with a focus on elevated levels of service delivery. Wilson’s PhD in Business and Management utilized statistical frameworks to solve complex commercial issues. To unwind, Wilson goes incognito to perfumed spas to relax and loosen his lithe physique.

Dr James Kwan

James is an independent director of a public listed company, where he chairs the remuneration committee. He lectures at two public universities and several private education institutions, where he specializes in accounting and finance. He holds a PhD in finance and his research interests cover corporate finance, corporate governance and international financial reporting. Never praise Liverpool in front of James as he is a huge fan of the Manchester United Football Club. 

Dr Alison Say

Alison was a risk management director in Asia Pacific for a leading American bank. She brings to Redshift a mindset of caution and risk mitigation. This is especially useful when marketers tend to be overly enthusiastic, with less emphasis on the hazards of low profitability. Alison obtained her first two degrees in economics and finance. She subsequently earned her doctoral degree in business and is now focusing on consulting. Alison keeps youthful with taiji and Chinese dance, and also publishes cookbooks. (Ask her for recipes!)

Providing consultancy with deep levels of academic research.

We believe that positive changes in the industrial environment are best served with experience and scholarly enquiry.

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