About Us

About us

Redshift comprises primarily of PhD trained consultants with broad and deep industrial experience. Our consultants utilize doctoral level business frameworks with real life corporate experience to deliver pragmatic and implementable solutions. We are not ivory tower academics!


What We Do

Our consultants’ areas of specialisation range from:

  • Marketing Research and Strategy
  • Consumer and Business-Business Law
  • Risk Assessment and Decision Making Modelling
  • Consumer Behaviour and Intention to Purchase
  • ISO Quality Auditing as a Business Proposition
  • Large Data Set Analysis

What We Believe

The provision of accurate business information, backed by sound marketing research principles, is a core proposition of ours to our clients.

Marketing Audit

It is our belief that regardless of the services your company employs from Redshift, it is incumbent upon us to provide a brief assessment of your organization’s marketing viability.

Marketing Research

Should your company choose to engage our research consultancy services, either existing data from your organization or external research can be conducted to provide better insight into your industry’s competitive space.